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A Letter from our CEO

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

"Where there is no Vision, the people will perish."

I once heard “vision” defined as “the gift of being able to see what is possible.” When we lose sight of what is possible, and the desire to thrive, we become mediocre. At Vision VMC (Vendor Management Companies), and its subsidiaries, our people are exceptional.


Our mission is to create a culture of Service that attracts and promotes life-long mutually beneficial relationships.

Service doesn’t begin with our team providing an exceptional experience to our vendors and our clients, it ends there. It starts with me, and my appreciation and support for the team we have been blessed to build. I am here to serve those who serve you.


Servant Leadership is not dead; it is alive and well. I wouldn’t ask you to just trust that this is true at Vision VMC, but I will ask for the opportunity to let us prove it. Our difference must be experienced.

Mark Oliver

CEO of Vision VMC

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